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Excel 2016: Using Worksheets and Workbooks

excel-2016-core-part-11-ebook-bookboon-blog Learn how to work with worksheets by reading this article. It’s as easy as 1, 2, and 3!


How to keep record and find your data fast and easy

Excel can be compared to a real book and we call that book a “workbook”. A workbook can contain one or several pages, which in Excel, we call “worksheets”. Now, imagine a workbook containing lots of information all mixed-up in only one worksheet; for instance, a company’s financial statement for five long years. Would you be able to locate specific information, like a month’s report, easily? Obviously, the answer is NO. That’s when the idea of having multiple worksheets becomes handy. Excel indeed is a great tool, especially for record-keeping, and of course, finding.

Excel 2016: How to Split Cells in Excel for a Better View

What are the different ways of viewing Excel 2016’s worksheets? What are the different ways of viewing Excel 2016’s worksheets?


How to make your work easier when splitting large worksheets

Working on a huge workbook that has significant information all throughout its part is very tedious and time-consuming; especially when you are constantly scrolling up, down, left and right just to see and work at different parts.

Well, worry no more! By using the different views of Excel 2016, you will be able to save lots of time and effort in manipulating your workbooks and worksheets.

MS Excel 2016: How to Copy Formulas in Excel

Are you exhausted with manual calculation? Are you exhausted with manual calculation?


4 tips when using formulas

One of the basic functions of Excel that users love is its capability of utilizing and interpreting simple to complicated calculations using formula. If you are using the platform for a long time, this feature has served you for so long and you might be dealing with complex calculations and formulas already. However, for those who are using the program for the first time, you might be surprised with the fact that Excel can make your calculations in just a few clicks. Yes, it can! You will just have to learn few tricks to incite your learning and be able to make your own formulas based on your need.

Excel 2016: 3 Simple Steps to Hide and Unhide Portions

Hide and Unhide Portions in Excel.Hide and unhide portions in Excel.

In dealing with Excel, most especially with formulas, there are necessary portions that we need to include but not that so important to be shown. There are also portions that we do not want someone to mess with or change, for if it is changed, the entire worksheet or workbook will be negatively affected. Messing with those portions will not make your file work out the way you planned and designed it to be. With these instances, the “hide and unhide” options of Excel 2016 are very helpful.

Excel 2016: How to Format Cells and Worksheets

Format Cells and Worksheets. Format Cells and Worksheets.

The Home Ribbon to customize and format cells and worksheets

Creativity and uniformity are few of the least aspects most people consider in using Excel. More often, we tend to disregard the styles we use, for instance fonts, no matter how different they are from each other. We ignore the format, most especially when we are working with lots of information in a worksheet. However, formatting your worksheets is not a difficult task at all. Doing so will make your file look more organized and professional. Uniformity will even encourage you to work on your file with enthusiasm and excitement.


Outlook 2013: How to Use QuickSteps and Save Time

Have you ever done the same thing over and over again in Outlook? If yes, try QuickSteps! Have you ever done the same thing over and over again in Outlook? If yes, try QuickSteps!

Create and Customize QuickSteps

QuickStep allows you to make repetitive tasks in a simple, easy and quick manner. Filing email, replying to a group, sending new email, etc. – these are some of the things you often do on a regular basis that are actually possible candidates to become a quickstep.


Excel 2016: Customize The ‘Quick Access Toolbar’

Customizing your Quick Access Toolbar in Excel 2016. Customizing your Quick Access Toolbar in Excel 2016.


3 easy ways to customize your Excel sheet

Excel, as one of the most helpful programs in ones computer or laptop, has evolved into something more powerful this year. Aside from our favorite functionalities and features, Windows added more enhancements and improvements for the benefit of their users under its new version – Excel 2016. A very useful tool, the Quick Access Toolbar, is still present in the said program. It is found not only in Excel, but also in other programs of the Office package like Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. Customizing this toolbar based on one’s need and frequent usage is a huge help in conserving time while using the platform.


How to Use Excel’s Basic Functions

Here is how the basics in Excel work - fast and easy. Here is how the basics in Excel work – fast and easy.

Using formula for simple and basic calculation in Excel is helpful. However, using them in more complicated or complex tasks is somehow hard and long winded. For instance, making your own in getting the average of a group of numbers. This can result to a very long formula on the formula bar that you might not be 100 % sure if correct. Same as with adding long list of numbers, let’s say, 200 or more. It would be very tiring to add them all, clicking the plus (+) sign and the numbers one by one.


PowerPoint Presentations: 2 Ways to Make Them More Appealing

Spice up your PowerPoint presentation by making some transitions and animations. Spice up your PowerPoint presentation by making some transitions and animations.

PowerPoint presentations are the most common resort of people who want to express all his thoughts in either small or huge audience. It is some sort of a guide that hits two birds at the same time – the speaker and the listener. In this modern era, when a speaker comes in front, it is very usual that he has his presentation with him. Through the help of the presentation, both of the speaker and the audience are guided with what they are talking about.